The League will be played under the Laws of the Sport of Bowls and should any point arise which is not covered by the foregoing, the decision of the Zululand Zone Bowls Committee shall be final and binding.


In all matches players shall wear bowling dress and footwear as laid down in the Domestic Regulations. The wearing of “Crocs” footwear will not be permitted.

Interruption of play

A game in progress may be stopped on account of darkness, weather conditions, or any other valid reason, by the Tournament Committee.

Ten completed ends will constitute a game.

Format of Play

Men’s & Women’s Fours

The League shall be played on a league system with all teams playing each other.

All matches shall consist of 15 ends.

Declaration of teams

Before the start of first round clubs must declare their teams.

Once a player has played for one team, he/she may not play for another team. A player may only play for one club over the period of the league.

Reserves can be used in any team and in any position.


All games must be completed.

The scorecard will be kept by the team losing the toss.

It is the responsibility of the team winning the toss to ensure that the scoreboard is updated after each end.

At the end of each round the scorecard must be signed by both skips and handed to the umpire, who having made sure it agrees with the scoreboard, will also sign the card.

During the game, and at the conclusion of the game, the scoreboard, in the event of a dispute, shall over-rule the scorecard. Once the scorecard has been signed by both skips the scorecard supersedes the scoreboard.

Default or withdrawal during play

Should a team withdraw at any time for any reason acceptable by the Tournament Committee, after the commencement of the League, all relevant results of the team will be expunged.

If a team can not play on the specified date and can not arrange a date prior to the round being played, the team will forfeit the game and two points will be awarded to their opponents.

Trial ends, practice and warm-up

Trial ends

Before the start of each game one trial end will be permitted.


A team not playing for whatever reason but due to play in the next round may practice on any rink allocated by the Controlling Body.


Players may warm-up before any game, time allowing and with approval of the Controlling Body. Warm-up should be in the opposite direction of expected play. Warm-up should not be deliberate play and no target such as a jack may be used, but bowls may be delivered to enable players to warm/loosen up.

No team should on any day of the championship play on the same rink.

Cellular phones, alcohol and smoking

The use of cellular phones and the consumption of alcoholic beverages by players or Technical Officials on the greens during any playing session are prohibited. All cellular phones must be switched off whilst play is in progress.

Smoking will not be permitted on the green or within two meters from the green.

Restriction of movement of players during play

Leads and Seconds may not walk up to the head.

Thirds may visit the head after delivery of their first bowl.

Skips may visit the head after delivery of their first bowl.

Host Club

Arrange an umpire.

Prepare the scorecards.

Ensure cards/results are sent to Tournament Secretary.

Collect entry fees:

R20 per round (R10 green fees, R10 Helping Hand)